Jeremy Cox vs. Billy Gillispie: The battle for the Wyoming coaching job

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
In what almost seems like a suspenseful short story from the pen of Graham Yost (note: Justified returns tomorrow), two wily old outlaw friends are dividing the masses in Wyoming as they try to determine who will be the next leader of their own Cowboy squad. Former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie and his former assistant Jeremy Cox are two of the prominent names being mentioned for the vacant Wyoming Cowboys head coaching position. Cox, currently an asisstant at USF and a former graduate assistant at Wyoming, is being rumored as one of the favorites of the Wyoming administration to succeed Heath Schroyer. Billy Gillispie? Well, he's getting the fan vote and little cowpokes are going hard on Facebook trying to garner support for a new era out West. Smart money says Clyde holds out for Texas Tech (which is seeming more and more like a lock as time passes), but one can still hope for a showdown between two names from the not-so glorious past.  And a couple of shots of whiskey at their local saloon. And, just for fun, here are the current Billy Gillispie Facebook groups: Texas Tech Should Hire Billy Gillispie Bring Billy Gillispie to Wyoming Billy Gillispie to Wazzu! Bring Billy Gillispie to UA! Billy Gillispie Supporters FIRE BILLY GILLISPIE Fire Billy Gillispie Fire Billy Gillispie WE FIRED BILLY GILLISPIE! Screw Billy Gillispie And many, many more...

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