Jerry Tipton Gets in On the Free Enes! Craze

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
campout Maybe Jerry Tipton and John Clay just cant win. I admit that in the last couple of weeks, my sympathy meter has changed a bit on both of them and I have started to try go through the steps for a detente between KSR and the Herald Leader, for the good of all involved. I do believe that both men are good people and that we should attempt to get along where possible, and only make fun of each other in the "BTI Sucks" kind of way. But I must tell you that while we all wonder whether the Herald should quit being so negative and try to be more fan-friendly, then they do stories like this and I almost want them to start investigating again.. Tipton went out to the Madness Campout and interviewed a couple of people on video (I will let you watch the video on the was...well a bit odd), while also writing a story centered on the "Free Enes!" movement. Now the Herald didnt acknowledge that the movement has its roots on Twitter and this site, but hey at this point the idea of the Herald giving this site any credit for anything other than spreading gonorrhea is just a fantasy. However when I see the "Free Enes!" movement, I feel proud of our fan base and I do like that the newspaper does take the time to explore its resonance with the fans. But it is strange to see Tipton as some kind of "features" reporter walking the sidewalk at the campout isnt it? I mean the campout seems to be a place for a semi-intoxicated Drew Franklin to yell at random campers or a fully sober Bryan the Intern to be shot down by numerous women. The idea of Tipton walking around and holding up a fist saying "Free Enes!" just seems strange. The reality is that at this point, Jerry probably cant win with the fans and should do what makes him comfortable. While it is odd to see Jerry doing a fan-centric story, maybe it is a step in the right direction...but here is a little word of more videos Jerry. Just trust me on that one. Free Enes...a movement even taking hold of the most nototrious UK rabble rousers.

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