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Jimmy Johnson as he prepares to be on Survivor 21.

When you hear the name Jimmy Johnson, you likely think of a couple things.  Famous Dallas Football coach during their early 90s glory days.  Guy with better hair than Matt Jones that appears on Fox NFL Sunday.  Guy that didn’t do so great at Miami.  But you’re about to add one more thing to your Jimmy Johnson internal wikipedia.  According to multiple media sources, as well as the people who know things about this sort of thing, Jimmy Johnson is a contestant in next seasons Survivor. I mentioned this in a post earlier, but I don’t think it got the attention it deserves.  Who in the world convinced the rich 67 year old man to strand himself in Nicaragua for two months?  I mean, I would quit the blog in the middle of this post if they wanted me to go out there, but I’m twenty four and the nation needs to hear all the Quick Rick jokes I have, not just you bloggies.  The real question though, is how will he go more than a couple hours without his hair products?  Or do we think it’s been so conditioned that it stays perfect until he gets voted off?

But I digress.  This is a Kentucky Sports Blog, and that’s what you want to know about.  Let’s make a deal.  If any of you have connections to get me on Survivor, I will give you your night post.  Deal?  Good.

Onto the news:

-The big news of the day deals with the men’s basketball teams practice.  That’s how slow the past couple days have been.  As you know, our beloved wildcats are making like John Candy as they head to Canada, presumably for some type of bacon.  However, much like the films Mr. Candy starred in, nothing seems to be going according to plan. Terrence Jones has reportedly injured his ankle, and while he is still going north, he may not get a chance to play.  Enes Kanter is still trying to get eligibility issues worked out, and may not be cleared to play before the trip.  Add this to the already unable to play Eloy Vargas, and the front court of the team could be pretty thin.  But at least these issues are happening in August, and not April.

In related news, though, Calipari has come out with guarded optimism about this years team. In his ‘lexycast’ audio tweet, Cal talked about how the team is much more skilled than he originally thought.  Combine that with the talks of Brandon Knight holding his own against John Wall and the potential to get some good chemistry going while in Canada, and this team might be setting itself up for quite an exciting season.

-In the recruiting front, Anthony Davis may or may not have made an unofficial visit to Kentucky on Sunday.  But he probably did.  He also may or may not have given the elusive silent verbal to Calipari over milkshakes at the Tolly Ho.  But he probably didn’t.

-We are almost a month away from the first game of the football season, and there is still not very much news coming out of the Nutter Field House.  Joker is quietly adding what seems like a new football commit a week, but as far as substantial news for this coming season, the first year head coach is keeping is cards close to his chest.  It may not help the hype, but it certainly is increasing the suspense for kick off against the Dirty Birds from Louisville.  It’s almost here folks, get ready.

-Karen Sypher’s list of people she had Oral Sex with continues to grow by the day and a Mississippi State player was filmed barely caring about his girlfriend on the real world.  Which is less surprising?

Stick around for all the news that’s fit to print – but can’t be because newspapers are dying.

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