JJ Redick....Honorary Duke Lacrosse team member

by:Matt Jones06/13/06
Today was an interesting day in the world of sports' news. On the same day that fans and commentators around the world squealed about how awful it was that Ben Roethlisberger did not wear a helmet and thus injured himself while riding a motorcycle, another of America's heroes, JJ Redick was arrested for drunk driving. Yes the posterboy for the team that supposedly embodies everything great in college basketball was arrested for a DUI, his second alcohol related offense of his college career. Now I could make an easy joke here....something about how our "leader of men" and American Express spokesman, Coach K is hypocritical and should change his American Express commercial to talk about how he trains future drunkards during their time at Duke. I wont do that. Because JJ's mugshot is funny enough that no joke can actually top it. Notice how he is wearing a polo shirt, half of his collar is popped and yet he still looks drunk and like a guy you want to punch in the face. CLASSIC Duke basketball. The next time you hear ANY commentator blabbing about how great the kids are at Duke...point them to this story....or to the Shelden Williams high school assault allegations....or to the numerous other examples of how Duke basketball is no different than any other school. Some good kids, some bad and most just normal. But please spare me the poetic waxings of the greatness of the Duke student. Hey ESPN, the next time Dickie V starts, I have a mugshot that should be required to flash on the screen. jhg

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