John Calipari after the scrimmage: "We aren't as good as everyone's trying to say we are. I'm good with that."

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Aritcle written by:Ally TuckerAlly Tucker
John Calipari took a few minutes to answer some questions following the Blue/White game tonight. The biggest theme? This team is young. This team is inexperienced. This team has a long, long way to go. But most importantly, John Calipari is okay with that. "We're not as good as everyone's trying to say we are. I'm good with that. It's October 24th and we're playing like October 15th." Calipari continued to bring up the fact that his team has scrimmaged for a grand total of 12 minutes (Big Blue Madness) so far this season. Even though they've been spending time together practicing, this was the first time the team has played 5 on 5 since Madness. "How can you scrimmage if they don't know how to play yet? If you let them just play, you're telling them it's okay to play that way. That's not my style." Calipari alluded to the fact that many of his young players are still adjusting to the fitness level required to play at this level in comparison to their high school and AAU days. "We do have great kids. But they were always the best player. They could take time off-- two possessions, three possessions and get away with it. You can't do that stuff anymore. It's tough. It's tough playing here." At the end of the day, Calipari knows the road ahead is a long one for his very young team, but hopes that with each passing month-- the strides will be evident not only to him, but to the fans as well. "We'll be fine. We lost a whole team. We are what we are right now. I hope in a month you watch us play and say, 'man they really got better.'"

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