John Calipari Calling You to Wake Up

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CpMLNE7XYAA4Jlg This picture was posted yesterday by Brad Calipari and it might be my favorite of Cal. There's just so much to it. It starts with the coffee next to him, I'm assuming he gets the large. Then there's the flip flops on the shoe shine, I wouldn't put it past Cal to get his sandals cleaned up. Of course there's the Team USA shirt, probably a gift from Anthony Davis back in 2012. Finally, who do we think he is calling? Olympic Basketball Back Today If you enjoy Olympic hoops you're in for a treat today as two of the games should be very entertaining. First we get Lithuania vs Brazil in what should be two teams trying to qualify for the knockout stage and avoid Team USA in the first round. After that we get Spain vs Croatia at 5. Spain is obviously the second favorite, but keep an eye out for Croatia who has a couple of big time NBA guys including Dario Saric. Football is Back Football is back ... sort of. We have the Hall of Fame Game tonight between the Colts and the Packers but with it being preseason game get ready to see a lot of rookies trying to make the team playing. But, you know what? I'll take it. One can only watch so many episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office on Sunday's in the summer. Get your fantasy drafts ready as the season is here. Could A-Rod Retire?  We hear quite a bit about Friday news dumps when something bad happens. Could the Yankees be trying a Sunday news dump here? There's a scheduled press conference at 11 am to likely announce Alex Rodriguez leaving the team or retiring at the end of the year. Love him or hate him he was one of the best players in baseball and it just means the 2016 retirement group gets another star.

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