John Calipari gets a shoutout on "After the Thrones"
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John Calipari gets a shoutout on "After the Thrones"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 5 years


calthrones [WARNING: This post contains mild spoilers from last night's "Game of Thrones." YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.] "Game of Thrones" is probably the most popular show on television right now, and, in turn, HBO has added a live talk show, "After the Thones," that airs afterwards on HBOGo. "After the Thrones" is hosted by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan and executive produced by Bill Simmons, and on today's show, John Calipari got a shoutout. Huh? Here's the setup... (Spoilers after the jump) Greenwald and Ryan were discussing the wildling raid at the beginning of the episode where Tormund Giantsbane, Wun Wun the Giant and the wildlings arrive at Castle Black to help Dolorous Edd avenge Jon Snow's death. Ryan called Edd bringing in the wildlings a "great recruiting mission" and called him a "young Calipari":
AG: "One thing we're seeing very much as the show goes on for a longer period of time and it's happening in Meereen is that the strength of the leader matters, but honestly, it's the strength of the #SquadYouLeaveBehind that sometimes matters more. Because of that, I thought it was pretty dope to see our man Dolorous Edd come through with a wildling raid." CR: "Great recruiting mission by Edd." AG: "It was a total success, wasn't it?" CR: "Yeah, young Calipari." So, if Edd is Calipari, who is Jon Snow? (Shoutout to Big J for the tip)

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