Jon Hood, Jarrod Polson, and Tod Lanter did a podcast

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


HoodPolson Did you know Jon Hood has a podcast? Neither did I, but Hood and cohost Adam Gilley started the "Nameless Sports Podcast," and this week's episode features interviews with Jarrod Polson and Tod Lanter. Check it out to hear the three talk about their time at UK, Jarrod's new book, and the best Cats they've played against. One quote I really enjoyed was from Tod, who described sitting in the hotel with Willie Cauley-Stein after his dunk against Cincinnati and watching Willie try to find a channel that wasn't showing his big dunk. "All the channels covering the tournament, late night talk shows got it on, Comedy Central's got it on, and they're just showing highlights of this dunk, and my man Will is skipping through every channel on this TV trying to find 'Family Guy' on TV. If that doesn't give a testament to the type of guy he is, I don't know what will," Tod said. "He doesn't want praise, he doesn't want to bask in the glory, he wants to get the job done and move on." Give it a listen:

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