Jonny David's ALL ACCESS: Locker room shenanigans following UK's win over UT

Maggie Davisover 2 years


Aritcle written by:Maggie DavisMaggie Davis


Everyone's favorite Wildcat (Jonny David, obviously) is bringing more heat in the latest edition of "Jonny David's All-Access." David takes fans behind-the-scenes into the locker room following Kentucky's win over Tennessee. Unlike the media members, David asks the hard-hitting questions, like who would you want on your team for a one-on-one fight or wrestling match? The answers were mixed. PJ Washington is confident in Reid Travis' abilities, while Keldon Johnson is going with Nick Richards. For Richards himself, though, the choice is easy: "PJ Washington... Just look at him." Even though the feature technically belongs to Jonny David, Johnson takes over to highlight some of his teammate's accomplishments. Tyler Herro? Mr. double-double AND Mr. Steal Your Girl. And how does EJ Montgomery stay so calm after a dunk? "I do it on PJ everyday at practice." Good stuff, guys.

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