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What are you doing tomorrow night? If you're a college basketball fan, you should be watching the Jordan Brand Classic. You also can't use the old excuse "My Girlfriend Wouldn't Let Me" because this event has more stars than an episode of TMZ. She'll enjoy it too. The game should be good but I'm guessing that most Kansas and Kentucky fans will be shaking with anticipation for the announcements of Doron Lamb and Josh Selby. While Selby is expected to go with Kansas, if you've read any of mine or Matt's reports over the last few days, the news around Lamb is looking very good for UK, and, as you probably read below, Dime Magazine may have spoiled all the fun by announcing that Lamb's commitment to UK before the game. Aside from making an absolutely sick backcourt for UK's 2010 class, Lamb's addition will also make for some pretty interesting jokes (A Lamb, A Knight and an Enes walk into a bar...the Knight says to the other two, "What's wrong with you guys?" The Lamb says, "When the farmer was sheering me this morning, he accidentally clipped my Enes.") Please excuse my corniness. The game takes place at 8pm and will be televised on ESPN2. According to's Matt Scott, who is at the game, they will announce after a timeout in the first half. Lamb is a kid that has the New York toughness that every basketball fan should love and has played for Oak Hill, against the nation's stiffest competition, and more than survived. He's tenacious, has a spot on mid-range game, a good outside shooting ability and a winner's mentality. Add him to the 2009 class and we'd probably be hoisting trophies and our final four shirts wouldn't be somewhere in Haiti. If Lamb makes the announcement to go to UK, would this be UK's "Best Week Ever" in terms of recruiting?

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