Joseph Beth Booksellers To Release New Children's Book Series "Where'd Eric Go?"

Harold Leederover 4 years


Aritcle written by:Harold LeederHarold Leeder
Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on. Joseph Beth Booksellers are doing their part to help the FBI find attorney at large Eric C Conn with this new children's book series Where'd Eric Go? In this new series of books, law enforcement has illustrated Eric traveling to extraordinary places that he may or may not be hiding. They’ve enlisted the help of the young and the young at heart to help find the man on the run, as he sends postcards, emails, and faxes to the reader as well as random media outlets. So while the FBI search for Eric in real life, the readers will locate Eric on each page. Where'd Eric Go? is the hottest new children's book series, available at Joseph Beth Booksellers, pediatrician's offices, and the walls of post offices everywhere. (Click the image to see the full version) To keep up with The New Circle Circular, like the Facebook page or follow Harold Leeder’s Twitter Account.

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