Josh Selby's Big Performance and His Newest Oldest Fan?

Dustin Rumbaughover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Dustin RumbaughDustin Rumbaugh
We've talked before about how Josh Selby was just absolutely lighting it up recently. Here's a little video of his 52 point, 8 assist, 8 boards performance from the good people at Also, in more surprising news, it seems that Tennessee may not be ready to give up on Josh just yet. That's not just idle speculation or hearsay either. They attended a game of Selby's just this week. After digging a little, it seems that Selby and his mother are still quite close to assistant's on the UT staff and UT, obviously, feels like this gives them at least enough of a shot to spend the recruiting bucks on taking a trip up east to see him play. Now I'm not saying that UT will re-land Selby, far from it in fact, but if they do, wouldn't that be a pretty good class? I think UK fans would have been happy with Tobias Harris and Josh Selby on the shelf. Could add one last ironic twist to the whole Josh Selby/Tobias Harris/UT vs UK saga. Notes:

- A little comforting news from our good friend Anthony Wireman for those of you that might have flipped out a bit when you heard that NC State had CJ Leslie in attendance more than once in recent weeks. You'll have to remember in this situation that CJ does have connections with NC State, his former school of choice, and Ryan Harrow (NC State commit) and his family and that NC State is right in his own back yard. If you haven't already eased up a bit, you should. As always, UK is in good shape with Mr. Leslie.

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