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drake Life is strange. Case in point. At this point last year, if you had asked me what I knew about "Drake", I would have told you that I knew him a bit when I studied at Oxford and he smoked way too much weed and talked about Immanuel Kant so much that I began to wonder if the two of them were related. But then the events of the past year play out and my perspective changes. First, I learn about the rapper Drake, when he shows up to Rupp Arena, gives KSR an interview in which I had no idea what to ask him and then became unofficial "national fan #1" of UK. At that point, I thought my Drake experiences were done again, and then came word of the CBS Championship Week Blog and the Missouri Valley Conference became one of my assignments, and low and behold, I am watching Drake play Southern Illinois. Who would have thought it? It turns out "Drake" (which apparently is in Iowa) beat the Salukis on a last second shot by a kid named Josh Young, in what was actually an exciting close to the first game of the MVC Tournament. To celebrate, I put on "Bedrock" by Young Money, rapped all up and down the KSR Compound and read some Kant for old times sake. Life is strange. Oh and by the way, CBS is launching the "One Blogging Moment" KSR Blog today, but you can get a sneak peak that includes some GREAT work from Tomlin on the OVC and other goodies at this link here. Once again, please follow along and comment....there is going to be some GREAT writing from the guys on this and we are very excited about the ten days of coverage. To a random group of notes: --- Today Mark Story of the Herald Leader has an interesting column in which he makes the case that there should be no part of the Senior Day ceremonies for anyone but the graduating Seniors. The gist of his argument is that if Jamal Mashburn wasnt part of the ceremonies, then neither should anyone else. While I understand his point and agree when it comes to one and done guys like Wall and Cousins, I disagree on Patterson. Patrick is going to graduate (which Mashburn was not at the time) and thus not having him do it becuase he hasnt finished eligibility, when he has finished classes, seems like a distinction without any meaningful difference. I wouldnt want to see a ceremony for the one year guys, but for a graduating Junior like Patterson, I am good with it. --- I am very happy for Harris, Stevenson and Krebs, but particularly Ramon and Perry. Those two guys have now played for three coaches and have been part of a lot of turmoil in the program. They will get loud ovations and the type of support that they didnt always have during their time here. They deserve it and I am looking forward to seeing it. --- Two major recruiting visitors this weekend, 2010 PG prospect Josh Selby and 2011 PG prospect Marquis Teague. Selby's team lost its high school playoff game so he should have no interruptions for a visit and the Teague visit is of great importance. Expect the red carpet treatment on this, the last home game for visits. --- I keep getting asked about NCAA locations and while, we cant know for sure, if you are wanting to buy early tickets, there are some guesses. UK will request Milwaukee as the closest place for its first round games and that is very likely to be the location. As for the regional, unless Kansas collapses, UK will end up in Syracuse for the Regional. So buy tickets if you wish, but have a backup plan if it changes. --- Tonight is DANCEBLUE at UK, a great even that we will have more about later in the day. It raises a boatload of money for UK hospital and was Billy Clyde's finest hour. A great thing that the students of UK do every year and I hope to stop by and see it for the first time tonight. --- I hope you saw the ending of the Pitt-Providence may not be Championship Week, but it was amazing. --- UK's women's team will be beginning SEC Tournament play today...look for recaps as the weekend goes on as the Cats try to move towards a great postseason to match their regular season. --- I watched the "Office" baby episode and thought it wasnt as bad as I worried. The first half hour was great, but the last half was way too baby-centric. If the show continues like that, I may have to quit...which pains me. --- On the other hand, "Life and Times of Tim" is back...if you dont like it, there is something wrong with you. --- With Freedom Hall's closing on Saturday, UK fans should remember that the CAts have had great regular and post season moments over the years. One of the great places to watch basketball in America. --- Finally, if there isnt some sign for Alex Tyus's head in Rupp Arena on Saturday, I am going to be sorely disappointed. We have a big day of pre-Florida stuff coming and we officially launch the CBS blog as well. Stay tuned and lets get ready for some Gator beatdowns this Sunday....

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