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Julius Randle tells KSR that not going to the Celtics workout had nothing to do with the GQ interview

randle-presser3 Julius Randle called into Kentucky Sports Radio this morning to talk about tomorrow night's draft, and claims he's not nervous "at all," believe it or not. Julius says that he's sleeping well this week and has everything ready, including the suit he'll wear. Speaking of fashion, Julius wanted to clear up the rumor that he skipped a second workout with the Boston Celtics yesterday in order to do an interview with GQ Magazine. Julius called the rumor "crazy," and said that the GQ interview had nothing to do with his decision not to attend the workout:
"Wherever that person got their source from and that's why I didn't go to the workout with the Celtics, that's crazy. I didn't go because I already worked out with the Celtics, so I mean, they've seen me play all season and I worked out with them. There's no reason to go back a second time. The GQ stuff took me 15-20 minutes. I could have done that yesterday, today, the day of the draft, it wouldn't have made a difference," Julius said. "I'm a basketball player before anything and I wouldn't skip a workout. And I don't even think you could call it skipping a workout, you know. It's my choice to go to a workout or not."
That's what we thought. Above all, Julius says he's "really excited to see a lifelong dream come true" tomorrow night. John Calipari will attend the draft, and Julius says he hopes to see his coach tonight to catch up before the big day. Big thanks to Julius for taking time out of his very busy day to call in. Best of luck tomorrow night.

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