Karl Towns speaks up (and loves Rafferty's)

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Karl Towns v Jerome Wms Above, Steve Jones captured Karl Towns putting a beat down today on former NBA guy Jerome Williams in a game of one-on-one. You love Karl Towns. You know you love Karl Towns. And rightfully so. This kid is unreal - he's 7'1, can fill it up from anywhere, and moves like a guard when he needs to. Sound familiar? (cough-AD-cough.) Right now, UK's sole Class of 2014 commitment is doing work at the NBPA Top 100 camp. That's not all, however. Karl Towns is dropping interview gems left and right for all of us fans to soak up. Check out some of the nuggets he said here:
"When I'm going to Kentucky, I'm thinking of one thing and one thing only. And that's to win a championship." "When I first talked about going to Kentucky, I barely could do a pull-up." "I can't wait to play to be able to go in there and play my real game. Physical, hard-nosed basketball." "Hopefully I can bring back to back championships." "When I go to Kentucky, my favorite place is Rafferty's."
Karl also mentioned that he loves Indi's chicken. Of course. The kid sounds so mature with a great perspective on the game - and he realizes its a game. He seems to have a focus on constant improve as well as enjoying the game of basketball. Next up at the camp is Karl Towns versus Stephen Zimmerman in a 7-footer duel. Check out Karl going up against Skal Labbissiere yesterday, the lone 2015 player with a UK offer:

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