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Ashley Note: Though normally my columns run Tuesday nights on KSR due to the wedding reception game yesterday, Matt asked me to move it to this morning. Luckily, following BTI shouldn't be too difficult. It's like making a sequel to ‘I know who killed me', anything is an improvement on crap right? I think it's time that KSR acknowledges the proverbial elephant in the room: That a large percentage of their readership is of the womanly persuasion.   Though I've been wanting to introduce suggestions for making the site more female-friendly since I came on at KSR, I put it off untill now simply because I didn't want to alarm everyone with drastic changes to the site. I realize that it's hard enough to get your sports opinion from a girl, let alone if that girl is trying to change the most important thing in your life. I also consider writing for KSR kind of like getting married. You play things close to the chest right up until the point when they're stuck with you, and then you start changing him into everything you wanted him to be in the first place. This is the universal girl rule, passed down from mother to daughter for centuries past. Trick him into buying the cow, and then come down with a mysterious eternal headache. I've been talking with my fellow sistas, and on behalf of the ladies of KSR, the following are our demands suggestions: 1. We want equality in writing- I'll be the first to admit, I'm a closet fan of Tucker Max. I have his books and I read his site and think he's hilarious. His musings from Cancun have been candid and entertaining. For me, Tucker is a guilty pleasure. Let's be honest though, Tuck (can I call you that?), you can be a little demeaning toward women, man. I'm not saying he's not a great addition to the site. All I'm saying is that we need a little balance around here. Matt, if you're going to let Tucker write, you need to balance it out with say, more semi-nude pictures of UK sports personalities (Yes, I just implied that the opposite of Tucker Max is a nude and tomato-ey Rich Brooks). It's just the same as how I have come to balance out BTI's utter lack of credibility and originality. 2. We want equality in pictures- The pictures of the girls don't bother us, we'd just like a little eye candy for ourselves once in a while. I've been trying to do my part to help on this point, but I really can't do it alone. Last night was a great first step with the addition of the hot guy from Cougartown, and we need to keep this type of thing up. We also want hot male UK fans of the day that we can judge and then rank in the comments section. It doesn't matter if they know anything about sports or are even really fans of UK. It only matters how "hit-able" they are. 3. We want equality in events- We want to see podcasts broadcast from beauty shops and scrapbooking events instead of cornhole tournaments. How about live-blogging the Mr. Universe pagent? Or the America's Next Top Desperate Housewives of One Tree Hill season finale? Little things like these could go a long way into opening up relations with the female readers, something that I know for a fact Matt is always attempting to do. Look, I'm not in any way a feminist. I like my doors held open and my heavy things carried just as much as the next girl. We just want a little acknowledgement that smart, funny, female fans do exist, especially in Kentucky. Besides, it's not like this is a free site and Matt can do whatever he wants to do and we can just stop reading if we don't like how things are done. Then what would we have to complain about?

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