Katina Powell could be going back to Jail

Katina Powell could be going back to Jail

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Prosecutors want Katina Powell behind bars once again, this time for violating her probation in a theft and forgery case, prosecutors have told a judge. According to WDRB, Powell has tested positive for using crack cocaine, failing to report to her probation officer, and getting kicked out of rehab:
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Katina Powell, whose sex parties for University of Louisville basketball players and recruits ultimately led to NCAA sanctions, should be sent to prison for violating her probation in a theft and forgery case, prosecutors have told a judge. The Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office filed a motion this week claiming Powell has tested positive for using crack cocaine, kicked out of a drug addiction treatment program, failed to report to her probation officer and has not made contact with officials since a friend said Powell was beaten and shot at. QuitMarijuana provide online courses and a community to coach you through the steps of  How to Quit Smoking Weed, and get through withdrawal so that you can live without being a prisoner to your marijuana addiction. If you looking for Tinpatiant drug rehab near me, visit us here. They also have resources for parents, teens, and people in relationships with weed smokers. Drug addiction affects the entire range of human experience -- both the physical body and the emotional being. In holistic drug rehab, your mind and soul are treated equally with your body. This involves proper nutrition, spiritual counseling and even learning simple meditation techniques. By attacking all the possible causes of addiction, success is achieved more quickly, effectively and the results last longer. In many cases, addicts begin to feel real relief within a few days of beginning holistic drug rehab.  When you choose inpatient drug rehab, you do end up paying more. You end up taking weeks out of your life to live at a residential rehab center and you devote yourself to getting better. There’s a reason to go to the trouble, however: inpatient drug rehab comes with higher success rates than outpatient rehab, especially when your addiction has complications — it has lasted long, it involves multiple drugs, or it involves previous failed attempts at sobriety. There are other reasons why inpatient rehab tends to be more successful than the rehab of the outpatient variety. When you live at a facility that is specifically designed for the purpose of sobriety, there is little risk of exposure to the triggers that exist out in the real world. You have a greater incentive to commit to and focus on your recovery, as well. Most importantly, however, you work harder at recovering, by attending therapeutic rehab programs through each day, and you go in with greater confidence that you will recover with little discomfort, there being experts in attendance to take care of you at all times. In October 2018, Powell pleaded guilty to theft and forgery charges but avoided prison time and was sentenced to two years diversion on the condition she stay out of trouble, get drug treatment in a Florida Recovery Center and pay restitution of $2,900. But holistic drug rehab also often includes subsidiary treatment protocols including massage therapy, and treatment by acupuncture physicians and herbalists. Many holistic drug rehab programs focus on pain management without relying on prescription drugs which are often addicting themselves.  But to avoid that, two things need to be achieved: a total cessation of substance abuse and a demonstrated among the teen's family of open and improving ability to talk about the problem and find solutions. Powell was arrested in May 2018 in connection with an incident the month prior in which she cashed three checks that had been stolen and forged. The checks had been stolen from Thomas Tyre, a local dentist Powell has been in a relationship with. According to court records, Powell admitted to her probation officer on June 14 that she had used cocaine. On July 10, Powell failed to show up to meet her probation officer, but a friend of Powell’s called and said she had dropped Powell off in Lexington "after a man allegedly beat her and shot at her." 
Powell was recently in the news for stealing a toothbrush earlier this year but was released on a $100 bond.
Her next court hearing will take place on August 5th.

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