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Kentucky Depth Chart Week 6: No Movement

Nick Roush10/03/22


Article written by:On3 imageNick Roush


Photo by Dr. Michael Huang | Kentucky Sports Radio

The week six Kentucky depth chart is here. There have not been any shake-ups for the Wildcats as they prepare to take on South Carolina Saturday night at 7:30 pm ET on the SEC Network. A few noteworthy items on this week’s Kentucky depth chart:

  • J.J. Weaver remains absent. The talented outside linebacker missed two games after hyperextending his elbow against Youngstown State. He said last week he hopes to play against South Carolina.
  • Jacquez Jones suffered an ankle injury at Ole Miss after picking off a pass at his old stomping grounds. He’s still listed as the starter on the Kentucky depth chart.
  • Josaih Hayes is still on the Kentucky depth chart at nose guard despite missing the Ole Miss game.
  • Jeremy Flax is still listed at starting right tackle after he suffered a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter.



  1. Will Levis
  2. Deuce Hogan OR Kaiya Sheron

Running Back

  1. Chris Rodriguez OR Kavosiey Smoke
  2. JuTahn McClain

Wide Receiver (X)

  1. Dane Key
  2. Dekel Crowdus

Wide Receiver (F)

  1. Tayvion Robinson
  2. Chauncey Magwood

Wide Receiver (Z)

  1. Barion Brown
  2. Chris Lewis OR DeMarcus Harris

Tight End

  1. Brenden Bates OR Keaton Upshaw
  2. Josh Kattus

Tight End

  1. Jordan Dingle OR Justice Dingle
  2. Izayah Cummings

Left Tackle

  1. Kenneth Horsey
  2. Kiyaunta Goodwin

Left Guard

  1. Jager Burton
  2. John Young


  1. Eli Cox
  2. Quintin Wilson

Right Guard

  1. Tashawn Manning
  2. Deondre Buford

Right Tackle

  1. Jeremy Flax
  2. David Wohlabaugh


Jack Linebacker

  1. Jordan Wright
  2. Keaten Wade

Defensive End

  1. Tre’vonn Rybka
  2. Kahlil Saunders

Nose Guard

  1. Justin Rogers
  2. Josaih Hayes

Defensive Tackle

  1. Octavious Oxendine
  2. Deone Walker

Middle Linebacker

  1. Jacquez Jones
  2. D’Eryk Jackson

Weakside Linebacker

  1. DeAndre Square
  2. Trevin Wallace

Sam Linebacker/Nickel

  1. Alex Afari
  2. Keaten Wade


  1. Keidron Smith
  2. Andru Phillips


  1. Carrington Valentine
  2. Maxwell Hairston

Strong Safety

  1. Tyrell Ajian
  2. Zion Childress

Free Safety

  1. Jordan Lovett
  2. Taj Dodson



  1. Matt Ruffolo
  2. Chance Poore


  1. Colin Goodfellow
  2. Wilson Berry

Punt Returner

  1. Tayvion Robinson
  2. Barion Brown

Kick Returner

  1. Barion Brown
  2. JuTahn McClain

Long Snapper

  1. Cade Degraw
  2. Clay Perry


  1. Chance Poore
  2. Colin Goodfellow

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