KentuckyOne Health Anywhere Care Wants Leftovers from Cal's Hall of Fame Media Opportunity

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AnywhereCare_7200_300dpi_600x600_v2 KentuckyOne Health Anywhere Care at home, at the office and everywhere. Anywhere Care is a 24/7 service that lets you see or talk live to a primary care provider by phone or video chat… even from the comfort of your own couch. Click here to learn more or get care now. **** John Calipari said a lot this afternoon after he was officially announced as part of the 2015 Hall of Fame class, and while his comments on UK's loss, the NBA, and which players will go pro stole the spotlight, there are some leftovers that deserve mention. Here's a roundup of Cal's quotes from @JerryTipton via Twitter. --- Cal said he isn't sure if he would have made the Hall of Fame if he didn't take the job at Kentucky six years ago. "If I'm not at Kentucky, I'm not sure this happens," Cal said, saying of UMass and Memphis, "You were at the little table. You didn't get to carve the turkey." --- Calipari has received a lot of the blame for Kentucky's loss based on UK's "slow ball" in the last four minutes of the game. Cal says that's fine. "They can say whatever they want. If they want to blame me for losing, I agree. Don't blame these kids." Cal said the plan in the last four minutes was to get the ball to Karl Towns like they did against Notre Dame, but it didn't work. "I wish I had a few more answers on how to post the ball," Cal said. "We trying to do what we did against Notre Dame." --- Speaking of Karl, he sent out this tweet after the Hall of Fame announcement: --- Cal knows it will time to be to retire when... Even though he's a Hall of Famer now, I'm not sure that will ever happen. Thank goodness. --- Calipari posted this message on social media about today's big moment:
"This is going to be hard for people to understand, but I was at a loss for words when I got the call for the Naismith Hall of Fame. I was overwhelmed but so grateful. I would imagine other recipients felt how I feel now: unworthy of such an honor, but appreciative. As a coach, this honor means that many parents entrusted you with their sons and many players entrusted you with their careers. I'm indebted to all of the players, all the families, all of the staffs & all the administrations that have helped me build these programs."
Congrats, Coach. Now come home and get some rest.

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