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Good afternoon, friends. I'm busy working on #LouisvilleHateDay material so we're going to run through these notes. Priorities, people. Priorities. Remember, #LouisvilleHateDay officially begins tonight at midnight and we'll spend all day and night tomorrow making fun of the Cards. Be sure to use the hashtag on Twitter so we can let the world know. Go Cats. --- First and foremost, that Joker's locker room speech from the Mississippi State game (look at the helmets) gives me the chills every time I watch it, and I've watched it a lot. I think I could lift a car off a baby right now. "I'LL PULL YOU OFF OF 'EM!!! I'LL PULL YOU OFF OF 'EM!!!! LET'S GO!!!!! LET'S GO!!!!!!" "BLLLLLATTTTTTTTTTT" --- Speaking of Joker and inspired football, Rashawn was at UK football practice again today. You can find his notes in the post directly below this one. Quick hitters: UK will use the Wildcat but Joker won't say who takes the snap; Rick Minter thinks weather concern is for pansies; and there are high expectations for the defensive line. --- Former Xavier guard Dez Wells will visit Louisville on Sunday for the game and then make his decision Monday. Louisville will likely be where he ends up, but Kentucky can still ruin his visit by handing the Cards a loss in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. UK is no longer an option for Wells. --- Don't expect anything soon from Julius Randle. The No. 1 player in the class of 2013 told Rivals.com that he probably won't sign in November. He has an in-home visit with John Calipari scheduled for September 9. That's 9/9 -- I gotta get 9. (If Nerlens doesn't first.) --- Rod Strickland's secondary violation is absurd. --- Matt and Ryan were at the Bardstown Country Club for this morning's radio show, where the two discussed Kentucky's chances against Louisville, the weather, and Matt punched Ryan in the face. Enjoy... Back to work on the Hate, Hate, Hate....

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