KSR Favorite Blogger Contest: 2009

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Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
beisner-dog-lover 2008 winner: Beisner                                           2007 winner: Original Intern 2008 1. Thomas Beisner: 34% 2. Mosley: 22.6% 3. Matt Jones: 12.6% 4. Tomlin: 9.3% 5. BTI: 7.3% 6. Evan Hilbert: 7.3% 7. Fake Gimel Martinez: 4% 8. Bobby Perry: 2.6% 2007 1. Original Intern: 30 % 2. Matt Jones: 25 % 3. Mosley: 21 % 4. BTI: 10 % 5. Tomlin: 7% 6. Rob Gidel: 7% What you see above is the results from the first 2 "KSR Favorite Blogger" contests from 2007 and 2008.  Now, as we reach the end of the year, it's time for Beisner to defend his title and a host of new writers in the 3rd annual competition.  So, let me first give you all of the people eligible, and to be eligible you have to be a somewhat consistent writer on this site, so Jeremy Jarmon and Turkey Hunter are not eligible.  In fact, to be eligible, you have had to post at least 10 times in 2009.  Here are the people you can vote for: Matt Jones BTI Beisner Kate Martin Fake Gimel Patrick Barker Christopher Johns Will Lentz Tomlin Rob Gidel Mosley Drew Franklin Dustin Rumbaugh Hunter Campbell YOU CAN PUT ONE VOTE A DAY INTO MY PICKS TO CLICK POST ONLY.  If you vote in another post, I will not count it.  We will carry this all the way to the New Year's Eve.  And then we will award the trophy (most likely to Kate) at the KSR Summit meetings Matt has planned sometime in 2010 or 2011 or when we make the big political announcement, whichever comes first.  I would love everybody to vote, and just remember who brings it hard every morning at 10AM.  And also remember that Beisner promised to upgrade the look of the site in 2009, and nothing happened.

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