KSR Hall of Fame - "Patterson and Lucas"

Thomas Beisnerabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
keenelandrecruits.jpeg'/ When it finally comes time for Matt to hang up the ole laptop and retire to Boca with all the money he says he's not making, there will be plenty of people tied to the success of Kentucky Sports Radio.  There was Mattox.  There was Gerry DiNardo.  Even Hubby posted back in the day.  But, no two people will be more tied to his financial and social media success than Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas. The two players, first casually mentioned on this site in May of 2006 as a footnote to an Anthony Randolph post, would go on to make you the happiest, neurotic messes on the planet over the course of their recruitment.  There was excitementThere was cautious panicThere was a need for it all to end. Then, there was disappointment and rejoicing.  But, througout it all, there was a floppy haired blogger and his movie star handsome sidekick, keeping you abreast of their every move. During their reign on this site, there were two coaches and, when it was all said and done, two different destinations.  Now, one has moved on to the NBA while the other will be just up the road, trying to earn some PT at his second school.  But, though their paths have strayed, on this part of the internet - and in this guy's heart - these two will always be joined.  Welcome to the family, Jai and Patrick. "Patterson and Lucas" put the "radio" in "Kentucky Sports Radio: Episode 1 with Jai Lucas, Gregg Doyel and Louisville preview Episode 3 with Patrick Patterson, Marshall Moses and Chip Cosby Episode 9 with Jai Lucas, Marshall Moses and Larry Vaught January 14, 2007:  Jai Lucas interview March 26 2007 Patterson and Lucas interview April 25 2007 Jai Lucas on The Sports Mob

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