KSR legend makes his debut this weekend

Hunter Campbellalmost 12 years


If you've spent enough time around the wonderful world of Kentucky Sports Radio, you know that certain people capture our hearts in a special way. Jorts Harrellson was a favorite for his free-throw shooting form and denim ensemble before he ever chose the Cats over the fightin' Majeruses of St. Louis. Hunter McClintock dazzled us with his still unparalleled ballhandling skills. Ryan Kelly poop tooth. Despite the greatness represented in these legends of KSR lore (and the ones Dustin will eventually tell you about in his top ten recruiting legends), they pale in comparison to the love affair and impact represented in the following words: "Matt! Any news on Lucas and Patterson?!" Yes, before Patrick Patterson was a double-double machine for the Big Blue, he was the subject of the most intense recruiting hype and speculation we may have ever seen. And who was along for the ride with the big guy? The Scrappy to his Scooby-Doo, the Boo Boo to his Yogi (all apologies Boogie and Bledsoe), the Toad to his Mario...Jai Lucas. The Patterson-Lucas saga deeply impacted the lives we all lead today. Okay, maybe deeply impacted might be taking it a little too far, but the implications on a globo-political scale are well-documented. Obviously, getting Patterson was the best thing Billy Gillispie ever did, because there's no telling how low we could have sunk with Clyde at the helm had the big fella not jumped on board. It even affected me, as since the drama of Patterson-Lucas I haven't had the heart to immerse myself in a recruiting battle with the same energy. However, the biggest impact that the saga had is most evident in what you're reading right now. Quite simply, without Patterson and Lucas, it is possible that KSR as you know it would not exist. It's not that the site would be less entertaining, but people (including myself) likely would have never found their way here in the way they have if it weren't for the dynamic duo, the hype that followed them, and the quality info Matt was able to provide on the situation. Now, fresh off sitting out a year after his early-season transfer from Florida last season, Jai Lucas makes his triumphant return to the court for the Texas Longhorns at 2:00 on ESPN tomorrow. He'll be battling the dirty Heels and crybaby Roy Williams, so he'll either beat a hated rival for us or lose and help us move up to #2 in the polls. Either way, his first run as a Longhorn will help the Cats, and that's the way it should be for a true KSR hall-of-famer.

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