KSR Radio's New Second Favorite Coach

by:Matt Jones07/09/06
Sometimes it is easy to make snap judgments about people and things before you really know the truth. I will admit that in the past, I would make assumptions before I knew the whole story, such as that "The Hills" is a show filled with spoiled brats who I would hate, that Paintball on television is a bad idea or that Sheray Thomas might be the worst jumper in the history of Division I basketball. Of course all of those assumptions turned out to be true, but you get my point. You cant always tell a book by its cover unless the book is by Ann Coulter. I found this especially true this weekend as Mosley and I became fast friends with the new official "Coach we Love at KSR Radio", Tommy Amaker. See I just assumed that Tommy Amaker, with his Duke pedigree, would be someone who I would have no use for. He is a Coach K disciple and I figured that meant that when he was not slapping the floor on defense, he was teaching life lessons and helping mold men....thus making him not my type. Well this weekend I found that nothing could be further from the truth. I was fortunate enough to meet Amaker (who was sitting with Coach K, but that is a story for another day) during one of the games at the Nike Camp and I used (i.e. namedropped) my connection to Duke to begin a conversation. Amaker was very friendly and discussed basketball with me for fifteen minutes or so, something that of course I loved. But where Amaker went from nice guy to Gregg Doyel/Captain Morgan Fairchild-type adoration from KSR Radio was during the break between the sessions. See Mosley and I took that time to settle our long-held question "Who would win if we played one-on-one and Mosley had a hamstring injury and I was wearing flip flops?" So there, on the court, with Florida's Al Horford (and trying to contain his laughter) watching intently, Mosley and I began the battle. As the war raged on and the bricks continued to be laid, I looked up in the stands (which were surprisingly empty) and saw Tommy Amaker sitting by himself watching the proceedings. I, being the shy guy that I am, said "hey Coach Amaker, are you evaluating us"? He said yes, and told us to show him what we had. The next three possessions then went like this: 1. Matt Jones three pointer that barely grazes the rim. 2. Mosley driving layup that gets all backboard 3. Matt Jones turnover and subsequent trip onto the floor. Amaker watched all of this with a smile on his face. I then asked what he thought and if a scholarship was forthcoming. He responded, "well me and my staff need some more evaluation time. But wait to hear from us before you commit elsewhere." At that moment, Amaker became my friend and I have sent all calls to voicemail to keep the phone lines clear. Thus we welcome you Tommy Amaker....you are an official KSR Radio friend. Here's hoping it brings you all the success that such noteables as Woo Obrzut, Gimel Martinez and Charlie Creech have enjoyed!!!! Oh and by the way, I beat Mosley 11-8

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