KSR Tailgate and Live Blog BINGO!

KSR Tailgate and Live Blog BINGO!

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 5 years


We are less than 48 hours from kickoff, and chances are if you're going to Saturday's opener vs. Southern Miss, you'll spend some time tailgating outside Commonwealth Stadium. Tailgating is already a fun activity, but your friends at KSR are here to make it even better. I spent the afternoon putting together a TAILGATE BINGO card that you can print out for your friends. First person to spot a bingo gets the last cold beverage before you head into the stadium. Not going to the game? Enjoy it with us on the Live Blog, and play LIVE BLOG BINGO ONLINE! Here is a list of bingo sites to chose from. I'd suggest making this a drinking game as well, but I don't think there's enough bourbon in the Bluegrass. Also, you know, livers are good things. Is it Saturday yet? Also, if you're hosting a Derby party tomorrow, then you'll find out that some people really dislike mint juleps. Why not offer them a tasty alternative? Here's my infamous Bourbonade recipe, which has delighted drinkers all across the South: Ms. Tyler's Bourbonade 2 c unsweet iced tea 1/2 c sugar 12 oz can frozen limeade 12 oz can frozen lemonade 7 c water 750 ml bourbon Makes 1 gallon. Best if made the night before. Serve over ice and let the sweet mayhem begin.  

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