KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

Maggie Davisabout 4 years


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The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen, mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell’s has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.
You can be a part of McDowell’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day.

#10 Edward Owen

Definitely sensitive material.

#9 Bil Roland

Just Ryan Lemond things!

#8 Jimmy Wethington

The shorty-shorts are coming back.

#7 Chad Hall

Some things are just better left unsaid.

#6 Larry Wilder

Larry speaking the truth.

#5 Larry Barkin

I feel uncomfortable just looking at this picture.

#4 John Robic's Hair

Never underestimate Ryan Lemond!

#3 Twillie Stein

These screenshots still hurt.

#2 Devin Bruner

That's what happens when it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon!

#1 Ben Rueve

Easy blue ribbon.

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