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As we continue to do our best to transform this site into Jeff Goodman Sports Radio, let's again take a look at a piece from Fox Sports' esteemed college basketball writer. After Duke's victory over Michigan State last night, the talk of the basketball world was split between the potential for an undefeated season (crazy) and the breakout performance of star freshman point guard Kyrie Irving, who dropped 31 points on Tom Izzo's squad. After the game, Goodman wrote about the performance (here) and talked about how the veteran players on Duke were willing to let a star rookie join them in the spotlight. Fair enough. Then, Kyle Singler said this:
"That’s what happened to Kentucky and what hurt those guys last year,” Singler said. "Thinking about the NBA. I don’t think that will be a problem for us. We understand that any of us — Kyrie, Nolan or me — can go for 30 points in a game.”
Wait, what? The team that went 35-3 with a starting lineup featuring three freshmen was selfish?  Not cool or a not the type of thing that's going to make people think that Duke education is as prestigious as they say, Kyle.  I am now issuing a ban on any UK players wearing #12 in his honor.  I'm also still wondering why he needed to specify that only this Duke team won't be thinking about the NBA.  Didn't most of them stop thinking about it several years ago? Feel free to blame Goodman for this.

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