Labor Day Notes
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Labor Day Notes

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
secpoon.jpeg Its a beautiful labor day here in the Ville which explains our lack of posting as we enjoy all that the end of summer has to offer. The picture above is from this new website that is dedicated to finding and giving publicity to the hottest women of the SEC. Now that is a good use of the web and gives me some faith in the Arkansas faithful. Rich Brooks had his press conference today and here are some notes: On the injury situation: A quick injury update. E.J. (Adams) is obviously out, we’re going to get an MRI on that wrist before surgery is undertaken and determine the extent of the injury. Justin Jefferies will be held from contact for the first several days of this week. Dicky Lyons Jr. has patella tendonitis and probably will not practice tomorrow, and may not practice on Wednesday. We’re hoping that it will settle down later on in the week. Ricky Lumpkin came out of the game with a bad back. He will be limited, if he does practice tomorrow, but he should be okay by Wednesday. Mikhail Mabry is still questionable for this week. He may play this week with a cast on, but we’ll determine that later on in the week. Myron Pryor returns to the team this week. On Kent State: They have a very active quarterback (Julian Edelman), both runner and thrower. He’s a good runner and a very good thrower. They have a huge offensive line to help the quarterback run the option, the quarterback draw and the quarterback run game as well as the perimeter, and the play-action and drop-back passing game. They are pretty similar to our passing game, as they give a lot of sets with three receivers and one tight end. They spread the field. Their running back (Eugene Jarvis) just looks like a water bug in there. He’s 5’5”, 170 pounds and he’s just scary. He may not go where the play is designed, so the whole defense has to be aware that if the play doesn’t go their way, it may come back to them at any moment. So offensively they’re a challenge for us. Their receivers are good blockers on the perimeters as well as being good receivers Some thoughts on the EKU Game: “I think that the 28 missed assignments in that game are a little high, but when you look at the amount of people that played, and the inexperience, than there’s a reason for it being high. I think we played 72 players in the game, which is very high for any game.” “It’s a heck of a lot easier building off of a win than off of a loss. I don’t think it makes much difference who the win is against. You see the things you’re doing well, the things you’re doing okay and the things that you still need to correct. So I don’t think it makes any difference on what game we’re coming off of.” On the running game: Well, we’d like to continue to have it go the same way it did the other night, but again, the competition is going to get more difficult, so therefore you aren’t going to be able to see it be as successful. Let’s hope that we don’t have the door slammed in our face this week on our running game. Let’s see if we can put some games back-to-back and than back-to-back-to-back, which will really determine if we’re improving on something. A spurt on something doesn’t mean that you’ve solved the problem On Marcus McClinton's status: It’s doubtful unless we see significant improvement in the next couple of days. He’s lined up back there for a long time and was having his best camp. His experience has shown as he’s gotten stronger, faster, just better overall. I will say that Calvin Harrison did a good job coming in, and Ashton Cobb did a good job playing as well. Giving those guys experience last year as freshmen, even though it was limited, it pays off in a situation like that when in the first game of the year, you lose an experienced player who you depend on to give you very significant minutes On Micah and Braxton battling it out Yeah, we do have a fight there. We’ll see this week who does a better job in practice, because I think Braxton is healthy now, since he didn’t have any setbacks. We’ll let both of them rotate with the first- and second-team units to see who has the better practices and see who will get the start this week. Having said that, they will both probably get a lot of action anyway and we should have a very fresh player at that position Rich Brooks also spoke about the kicking situation and gave a timid vote of confidence to Lonas Seiber, saying that he will kick this week and that one of his three misses on Saturday was due to a bad snap and some blocking issues. Dont be surprised however if Seiber's hold on the kicking duties is somewhat suspect. We got more tonight, including the supposed visitor on campus this weekend for the basketball team.....

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