LaMelo Ball wants Malik Monk's jersey number

Drew Franklin10 months


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Malik Monk is excited to pick back up where he left off on the basketball court prior to his drug suspension from the NBA weeks before the pandemic shut down the league. Monk made the necessary changes in his life during the downtime and he is in a great place going into his fourth NBA season, a year in which he will be playing for a contract extension in Charlotte. However, Monk's new teammate, No. 3 draft pick LaMelo Ball, wants Monk's jersey number before they head into preseason camp together. LaMelo wore Monk's No. 1 jersey in high school and in Australia, and has the digit tattooed on his chest, so he hopes Monk will change numbers so he can wear No. 1 in his rookie season. Big brother Lonzo Ball even tweeted at Monk when LaMelo was introduced to Charlotte with the No. 2 jersey on Friday. Some thoughts here. -- Dumb tattoo. Let's get that one out of the way. He called his shot and missed. Must run in the family. -- Anthony Edwards was the No. 1 pick. LaMelo should ask Terry Rozier for his No. 3 Hornets jersey. -- If De'Aaron Fox is Lonzo Ball's dad, does that make Malik Monk his uncle? -- Malik Monk is a dog. It's hard to imagine he will give up his number to a rookie (not even a great one), especially in his contract year. -- Write a check if you're serious, LaMelo.

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