Emmanuel Mudiay's Saturday Late Night News and Notes

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mudiay Emmanuel Mudiay tweeted yesterday that he was going to shock the world, and he certainly did. For months, the top rated point guard seemed like an absolute lock to be the next in line of great Kentucky floor generals, but the draws of proximity to home and great coaching were enough to lure him to Southern Methodist. Despite the underwhelming tradition of SMU Basketball, Larry Brown is a Hall of Fame coach where it was only a matter of time until he started to attract big time recruits. There is no hiding that the UK staff and BBN wanted Mudiay to come to Lexington, but even the best recruiter in college basketball cannot win every battle. While its a tough loss for Kentucky, Emmanuel Mudiay is a great young man who will do big things on and off the court. As always, wish him the best and show him that Kentucky will always support him. Now your news: - Obviously, the big story of the night is Emmanuel Mudiay selecting SMU as his college choice at halftime of the Elite 24 game. If you want full details, you can check out Matt's post below this one where he gives info on where UK will go from here. There is no doubt it was a tough one to swallow for UK fans, but recruiting is a strange, confusing world. Good luck to Emmanuel in what will certainly be a bright future. - One interesting note on Mudiay's selection of SMU is that his brother, a junior college player, also received an offer to play for the Mustangs. Some might call it a well done recruiting move by SMU while others may consider it a form of dirty recruiting. It would be interesting to here what the masses would say if Calipari pulled a similar move. - In basketball news for the current squad, the rumors can stop as James Young and the Harrison Twins have all arrived in Lexington safe and sound. Everyone can be relieved that the ineligible talk can end. - On the football front, the team continues to prepare for the showdown with Western Kentucky in Nashville. Nick Roush gives the full report here. The main news from practice was that CB Cody Quinn was still absent with an injury, but the rest of the roster appears to be ready for battle. The coaching staff was very pleased with the effort the last few days, and the players like A.J Legree are ready to enact revenge after last year. - Stoops also gave an update on the status of S Ashley Lowery. The investigation into Lowery's crash and any ensuing criminal charges are still ongoing, and Stoops announced he will not place any punishment on Lowery until the process plays itself out. Get ready for a football filled week as KSR and the rest of BBN prepares for the kickoff of college football. It will be a wild time in Nashville for the official opening of the Stoops Era. @JayHochKSR    

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