Let's get this straight: Vandy's QB isn't wearing an eye patch

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shurmur Yesterday I threw a black eye patch on Vanderbilt quarterback Kyle Shurmur in the photo for the story on Shurmur getting cleared to play through his eye injury. In said story I made it clear that Shurmur isn't actually wearing an eye patch and that he is wearing a clear facemask shield to prevent getting poked again. But because the internet is the internet, some people took off and ran with the idea that Shurmur will take the field looking like Number Two from Austin Powers. That, unfortunately, is not true. Vanderbilt is not starting One-Eyed-Willie or Snake Plissken at QB. Shurmur is simply wearing a visor, which his head coach called "a protective eye shield." I like the idea of Kentucky playing a one-eyed QB, though. Blitz him on that bad peripheral side and watch him miss receivers all day. Love the idea actually.  

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