Let's Say Some Goodbyes

Let's Say Some Goodbyes

Jay Winklerabout 5 years


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goodbye Goodbye, Summer 2016 summer You were especially hot this year. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the beach, the lake, and pretty much every other water source. We'll all miss the long days, barbeques, and homework-free nights. Not to mention watching only baseball all day long. Wait, scratch that last one. THE NFL IS BACK, BABY. Goodbye, Papa John's Pizza in Rupp Arena papa-john You got me through many nights in my freshman dorm. You've got the best crust in the business. I'm sad to say I'll never eat you again while watching the world's greatest basketball team in person, but I guess I'll just have to console myself with an extra order of Rupp ice cream. At least I'll still get to enjoy you in Commonwealth Stadium, if I can bring myself back to a UK football game after last night. Which transitions nicely to... Goodbye, UK Football Fan Morale What is left to say about last night that hasn't been said already? There are no positives to be taken away from that game. The spirit of Steve Spurrier lingered over the Swamp, and now Kentucky is back at square one. https://twitter.com/wildcatnews/status/774746627299049474 Hey, we're a basketball school, right? https://twitter.com/marcum89/status/774746063504801792 And to think, season ticket sales were down before the season even started. https://twitter.com/howielindsey/status/774781592946421760 And this about sums it up. It's safe to say Mitch Barnhart has some thinking to do.   @JayWinkKSR

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