Let's Stick Calipari On A Deserted Island

Let's Stick Calipari On A Deserted Island

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Eh?  Don’t look at me, I didn’t vote for you.

I try not to make my semi-obsession with the TV show Survivor too blatant on here, but every now and then a little Survivor talk slips through.  This is one of those posts.  With the new season starting tonight, Jeff Probst is making the rounds on all the talk shows.  Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Probst began throwing around the talk of a ‘Celebrity Survivor’ edition – and then followed it up on twitter by asking fans who they would like to see on the show.

Here’s my pitch:  Let’s get Coach Cal on that island. I have no idea if he would do it, but I do know that if he did it he would be great at it.  If there is one thing Cal is good at it’s connecting with people – and that’s what winning Survivor takes.  The idea being pitched is a 7-day edition of Survivor where you compete for your favorite charity.  Also, instead of total seclusion the celebrities would be allowed one hour a day to communicate with their ‘fans,’ whether it’s tweeting, checking facebook, smoke signals, or the ever popular lexy’s.

Let’s assume this would occur in the off season, mainly because if it doesn’t there is no chance of it happening.  Cal would still have the hour a day to do any recruiting he would need to do – so let’s not that be a concern.  On the plus side, it would further push the UK Brand and seeing as how Cal’s charitable good deeds have been largely ignored by the main stream media, publicly competing for a charity would likely do a bit to wipe the ‘dirty,’ blemish from Cal’s image – even if it is undeserved.  Plus who wouldn’t want to get a look at Calipari’s recruiting pitch?

Plus you know Shaq is gonna be on this thing if it happens.  Just you imagine what a Cali-Shaq alliance would do for recruiting.

If you’re on twitter, tweet at Jeff Probst and tell him we want to see the King of College Basketball be the sole Survivor.


And what are your thoughts?  Any other celeb’s you’d like to see on there, present company excluded?

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