Lindy's Sports College Basketball Preview Magazine ranks the Cats...2nd

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


lindys It's not even September, but the college basketball preview magazines are already rolling out. Last week, we showed you the awesome Athlon Sports cover featuring Alex Poythress and Willie Cauley-Stein, and now, Lindy's Sports Preseason Magazine is out, with the regional cover pictured above, and a somewhat puzzling top ten:
1. Michigan State 2. Kentucky 3. Duke 4. Kansas 5. North Carolina 6. Ohio State 7. Louisville 8. Florida 9. Oklahoma State 10. Michigan
I know preseason rankings mean absolutely nothing, but really? Clearly Lindy's favors old school experience over young talent. The Sporting News also released their preseason top ten, which I think you'll like a little more:
1. Kentucky 2. Michigan State 3. Louisville 4. Duke 5. Arizona 6. Kansas 7. Michigan 8. Syracuse 9. North Carolina 10. Oklahoma State
That's better.

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