Listen to Jon Rothstein on Kentucky Sports Radio

Listen to Jon Rothstein on Kentucky Sports Radio

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College basketball junkies: this show was for you. CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein was kind enough to fill in for Matt this morning and brought along an excellent slate of guests: former UK assistant Slice Rohrssen, current UK assistant Tony Barbee and new Mississippi State head coach Ben Howland. It was two hours of non-stop hoops talk, and Rothstein immediately endeared himself to the BBN with this awesome quote: "There's one thing that resonates time and time again, subject after subject, conversation after conversation, and that is, regardless of what happens, regardless of what is going on really elsewhere in the world of college basketball, all things flow back to Kentucky," Rothstein said, referencing Al Pacino's famous quote in City Hall. "In college basketball, all things flow through Kentucky." Amen. Enjoy today's podcast, and get ready for MATTHEW MITCHELL tomorrow! (That means cue up the Kelly Clarkson, Shannon). Hour 1: Hour 2: Hopefully Ryan Lemond will be recovered in time to be the butt of Coach Mitchell's jokes. In case you missed Friday's show, Ryan got bit by a German Shepherd. Like a true pro, he rallied and wrapped up his mangled hand during the show, but the injury was obviously a lot more serious than we first thought. His wife, Amanda, posted this picture of Ryan going into surgery this morning: Get well soon, Ryan. And stop petting strange dogs.

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