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Livejournal from Dynasty Defender Member

by:Turkey Hunter10/04/06
7:00 a.m.- Beautiful day outside! Sure wish I had a job to go to. I would stop by the BP station on my way to it for lotto tickets, Bear Claws, and those little Mexican wraps they keep near the hot dogs-life would be SWEET! I bet if we fired Tubby, I would have a job!!! 7:03a.m.- Logged on to computer. No response from any of the girls I tried to add last night to Myspace yet; I sure thought things would pick up when I photo shopped my face on Mark Paul Gosselaar’s body. I bet if we fired Tubby, I would know the touch of a naked woman!!! 7:07a.m.- Time to check was HILARIOUS last night- he said “Tubby Smith-more like Poopy McGee”. Mom keeps hassling me to come down for breakfast. I swear I am moving out just as soon as Svetlana is delivered from the Czech Republic. I bet if we fired Tubby, I wouldn’t have to buy my wife from a former Communist Republic!! 8:30a.m.- I have been gathering irrelevant stats taken out of context for an hour now! Whooo, I sure am tuckered out. I shouldn’t have stayed up late watching Biggest Loser-some of those chicks are hot. I don’t about you, but I would give old Caroline Rhea the good stuff. If we fired Tubby, I bet I could see my penis!! 11:00a.m.-I hate those guys over at! Sometimes they won’t let me write comments way off topic just to get a pointless argument going. I hate them all-well, except Turkey Hunter. You can just tell he is handsome and chiseled by the way he writes. WTF?!?! I bet if we fired Tubby, I wouldn’t be questioning my sexuality!! 12:45 p.m.- just saw something about the Amish on television. Those Amish sure have a slow paced life. I hate them. I hate all things slow paced-for example, TUBBY SMITH’S OFFENSE!!!! I bet if we fired Tubby, the calendar year would speed up to 87 days!! 2:45p.m.- just got back from the Dr.’s office. He said that insurance card is not going to cover removing my head from my ass. I bet…ah, f*#k it. 3:00 p.m.-I am so mad right now. I just hit refresh on (which I always leave open as a window while ruling over my SimCity universe) and you should see the libelous post of Turkey Hunter. I don’t even feel like pleasuring myself to my Microsoft Excel stats of Rick Pitino anymore I bet if we fired Tubby, I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep tonight. 5:00 p.m. — I started thinking: what if it turns out that I am just a little over concerned about a sport I personally sucked at, being played by kids whose parents’ pray I never meet them, for a university I never attended? Nah, couldn’t be. I bet if we fired Tubby, I wouldn’t have to listen to these voices in my head!! 7:00 p.m.- Well, time to sign off. Mom said I had to come downstairs and wash the cats before I go to bed. Mr. Scruffles is soooo filthy today. Goodnight me!!!!

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