LOOK: How was this not a touchdown by Chris Rodriguez?

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Auburn
<small>Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports</small>

Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The second half is underway here at Jordan-Hare Stadium, but all anyone can talk about is the end of the first. In case you missed it, it looked like Chris Rodriguez had the touchdown to put Kentucky up with 34 seconds left, but the refs did not call it. After a review, officials confirmed he was stopped at the 1-yard line. Here’s the replay:

While it looks like Rodriguez easily crossed the plane, the word in the press box was that his knee was down at the two-yard line…which is not the one-yard line where it was marked. On the broadcast, Tom Hart and Jordan Rodgers were told the call was made on forward progress, which makes even less sense.

After a failed quarterback sneak, Terry Wilson made a horrible decision and threw a pick six, which was negated by a targeting penalty by Auburn’s Derick Hall. Phew, but still. It never should have come to that.

I have a feeling the SEC’s gonna get a call from UK this week, at the very least, Rich Brooks.


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