Loose Cattle On I-71's Thursday Morning Wakeup

Loose Cattle On I-71's Thursday Morning Wakeup

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A truck hauling 116 calves overturned on I-71 in Henry County earlier this morning. The accident stopped traffic around the 36 mile marker with cattle running everywhere, interrupting folks' morning commute. Traffic was shut down in both directions. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] WHAS 11[/caption] I'll spare you all of my cow puns because we've done this one before. It's too easy. I could do 1,000 words on cow puns but the joke's old. We'll leave it alone. (Ed. note: I'm so tempted to do the cow puns.) Mooooving on...     Malik Monk's kill count has its first tally. Poor Wenyen Gabriel got caught on the wrong end of a Malik Monk dunk during practice yesterday and he was awarded the helmet for his effort, which is Coach Cal's gift to those who fall victim to facials. It sure as hell won't be the first time Monk puts the helmet on one of his teammates; Gabriel is just unfortunate enough to be the first of the season. Cover your eyes, kids. The basketball team is going home today. Yesterday marked the last summer practice for the Wildcats as they will spend the next couple of weeks at home with their families before coming back to campus to begin fall practice and eventually the season. I can't remember a team working as hard as this bunch did in the summer months, so it's exciting to see how that hard work will pay off once the actual basketball begins. Karl-Anthony Towns said, "They’re going to be a very good team; possibly one that rivals ours.” That's scary. Football camp begins this afternoon. Mark Stoops' team will check in at the new UK practice facility later this afternoon to begin three weeks of fall camp. Our preseason coverage of the team and season will really take off tomorrow when we're all invited in for Media Day in Commonwealth Stadium. Here's a tentative schedule of those events:

5 am: Freddie Maggard arrives, paces in parking lot with excitement 9 am: Everyone else arrives 9:45 am: Mitch Barnhart Q&A 10 am: Mark Stoops press conference 10:20 am: DJ Eliot press conference 10:40 am: Eddie Gran press conference 11 am: Player interviews

We'll have a ton of stuff from Media Day all day tomorrow so be sure to check in with us early and throughout the entire day. We are looking for sponsors for the KSR Football Podcast. Freddie, Jared Lorenzen, Nick Roush and I will soon be back in your earbuds with the return of the KSR Football Podcast for the 2016 season. If you would like to sponsor the podcast, send me an email at [email protected] We could be talked into recording in your place of business (or your home) too. Las Vegas set the over/under for Kentucky wins at six. I'll take the under and then be happy as well when I lose my money. Kentucky Sports Radio radio is back today. Matt and Ryan are in Western Kentucky for today's show.

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