"Losing is a Choice" Friday Notes

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rickyp Its late and I have had a long week, so some quick notes..... (1): It is fun to watch Louisville lose isnt it? The Cards got drilled by 33 by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who were coming off a 7 game losing streak. After the game Rick Pitino showed his onerous side again, refusing to do his postgame radio show, after refusing the halftime ESPN interview before. With all the criticism Billy Clyde has taken for his halftime interviews, much of it justified, it would only seem fair that columnists and Louisville bloggers give Pitino the same treatment for this, even worse act. Ricky P cant get by on former charm and hair plugs alone. (2): Not good news about Patrick Patterson's ankle, which will be fine in the long run, but may require some missed action in the short term. Everyone that I speak with believes that Patrick will not play Saturday against Arkansas, although nothing official has been said. The scuttlebutt that I have heard is that all expect him to be back by the Tennessee game, most hope by the Vandy game on Tuesday, but few expect him by the Arkansas game this week. The good news however is that he will be ultimately ok....and the UK season is saved. (3): Bad news for Arkansas is good news for Kentucky as Courtney Fortson and his dreads will miss Saturday's game as well. Fortson has been suspended for unspecified violations and will return after sitting out one game. The good news for UK is that this suspension allows Kentucky to dodge one of the matchup problems they would have had on defense (the other being Washington). Unfortunately for the Razorbacks, they have no one to guard Jodie Meeks, so I expect a HUGE game by the man from Norcross. (4): Dick Gabriel went against party line tonight and apparently called out Billy Clyde for his halftime interviews on his radio show. Now considering that (a) I know no one under the age of 45 who listens to Dick Gabriel and (b) it would be hard to have heard the criticism over the loud snoring accompanying all radios tuned in, this would normally not be news. But Gabriel is part of the Big Blue Network and those folks are usually loathe to criticize the UK staff. Gabriel said that Gillispie had "repeated attempts to embarrass Edwards", a line that is even harsher criticism than I would have given (I think Billy acted like a jerk, but I dont think it was with the intention to embarrass....its just how he interacts). Interesting statement from the former goateed one. Stay tuned today for Bobby Perry's recounting of a moment involving me in the stands, a look at college basketball from Rob Radio and a breakdown of all things Hog. Until then, here are the last 15 seconds of the UK-Florida game for your memory banks:

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