Madder Than Ever

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  It's hard to put tonight into words. Ive seen some Midnight Madness, but I forgot that our head coach is John Calipari.   - Matthew Mitchell kicked the night off by not donig the expected "Gangham style" that most were expecting, rather kicking it old school with MC Hammer. The video is pure GOLD.   - Rupp's floor turned into a 92 ft video screen for introductions. It was something that sent cold chills up your spine and made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I'd take the screen today over the one at Cowboys Stadium.   - Not only does Matthew Mitchell dance, but most of the men's team does. Archie Goodwin did something really cool. I have no idea what it is called but it was pretty awesome. Nerlens' flat top smoothin' will be the next John Wall dance. After Coach Cal was introduced he began by saying, "If we're in a dance contest, we're winning."   - #LaFamilia is Cal's way. In order to celebrate the fact that we are indeed reigning National Champions, Cal rung in the new year by bringing back members from each National Championship Team. Wah Wah Jones, Cliff Hagan, Vernon Hatton, Adrian Smith, Kyle Macy, Jack 'Goose' Givens, Joe B. Hall, Derek Anderson, Ron Mercer, and Jeff Sheppard all helped Cal "re-raise" the 8 banners.A proud moment for all of #BBN.   - I'll tell you more about what actually happened during the game later, but I'll tell you this: boy am I glad it's basketball season.  

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