Madness Campout: What To Bring

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tentslining1 Camp Madness is back in business today for the annual 3-day slumber around Memorial Coliseum.  People without jobs from all over the state will call the camp home for the next few days before picking up their Big Blue Madness tickets bright and early Saturday morning.  I'm sure some of you have already gathered at the camp (looking at you Wildcat Rick) and many others will be joining in later tonight or tomorrow.  Before you go, check out this list I put together for you to make sure you're fully equipped and prepared for Camp Madness.  You're welcome, Big Blue Nation. -- Tent - And not just any tent.  You'll want one of those that sleeps 8-10 people with a walk-in closet and a deep freeze.  I recommend buying one at Wal-Mart and taking it back Saturday afternoon. -- Camera - For pictures, obviously. -- Cornhole Set - If you have yours set up in the right place at the right time, you could have the opportunity of beating a soon-to-be professional athlete in a sport.  Well, cornhole isn't a sport but you could have the opportunity to say, "I'm better at throwing a bag of corn at a small wooden board with a Bengals logo hand painted on it and a hole in it than an NBA player."   That's one to tell the grandkids about. -- Sharpie - For writing on your buddy's face when he passes out, obviously. -- 'Bounce Back' - It could get very cold at night and you'll need something to burn to stay warm.  JUST KIDDING.  It's not going to be that cold. -- Kentucky Sports Radio banner - Why?  Hell, I don't know.  These guys did it. -- Toilet paper - Qdoba is just 100 yards away. -- The New York Times - In case you run out of toilet paper. -- Basketball shoes - A pickup game could break out at anytime on the blue courts behind the Craft Center.  If you're going to be there Thursday night, take an umbrella because I am going to make it rain. -- Cooler - What you put in that cooler is up to you.  I would suggest beverages.  Lots and lots of ice cold beverages.  You following me here? -- Free Enes t-shirt - And only a Free Enes shirt.  If you wear anything else you're not a true UK fan.  Well, except pants.  You should wear those too. (Preferably jean shorts.) -- Television w/ PS3 - Just plug it into the side of Memorial.  There has to be an outlet somewhere.  These guys found one. -- Textbooks, homework, etc. - You'll need these to be out in plain sight in case your professor walks by.  Don't actually read them, though.  That's not what you're there for. -- Shoulder pads and a gorilla mask - Because this guy needs a friend. -- Breakfast - In case you sleep past Josh Harrellson's delivery. -- Life-size cardboard cutout of Demarcus Cousins - Because it just won't be the same without him. -- Giant Urn - How else are you going to get Enes' attention? Remember to e-mail any pictures to [email protected] and he'll get them up on the site. Also, I'd really appreciate if you sent some of the awesome ones to [email protected] too. Happy Camping. Go Cats.

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