Malik Monk tells Finebaum: "I don't think there is a better place than Kentucky."

Nick Roushover 4 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Malik Monk wrapped up his pre-NBA Draft media blitz by making an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show.  Monk's already dished out a few compliments for the Cats today, but he saved the best for last. "I don't think there is a better place than Kentucky," Monk said.  "The experience was great.  The best experience of my life so far, of course.  I learned a lot there.  I learned a lot about the NBA.  We basically were the NBA of college, the NBA team of college basketball." A quote that can be used as a recruiting pitch for John Calipari, he also shared Cal's recruiting pitch.  It's pretty simple; Cal tells it like it is. "Whatever he tells you when he comes to your house for in-home visits, or however he recruits you, that's exactly how it's going to be." The appeal of Kentucky drew him away from his home state of Arkansas.  The younger brother of a Razorback legend, Marcus Monk, Arkansas fans did not hide their hate for Monk once he committed to Kentucky.  The criticism does not bother him. "If they stay mad their whole life I can't do nothin about that.  I'm going to continue to be Malik Monk and focus on my future," Monk said.  "I know the Arkansas fans are being loyal to Arkansas so there's no hard feelings." There were a few other noteworthy media appearances throughout the day.  For The Crossover, Monk selected a starting five of former Wildcats to take on the Golden State Warriors.  You'll be surprised to see who he initially left off his list. If you want to hear more from Monk, he previewed the NBA Draft for 30 minutes on the Hang Time Podcast.

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