Malik Monk will Return to Action Tuesday

Malik Monk will Return to Action Tuesday

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The only Charlotte Hornets attire Malik Monk has officially donned was during the NBA Draft.  That will change when he throws on Hornets' practice gear this Tuesday. Monk was forced to sit out of the NBA Summer League after spraining his ankle during pre-draft workouts.  A minor injury, the Hornets opted to go with the "better safe than sorry" strategy for their first round pick. Monk told reporters at an autograph signing in Simpsonville that he's clear to return to workouts on August 1.  Upon returning to the court, he will sometimes play a different position than he did at UK, the point guard, but he will primarily play next to somebody with a similar style to his college backcourt-mate. “I think it’ll be the same as Fox,” he said of playing with Kemba Walker. “Kemba does everything just like Fox. So I think it’ll be a great turnout for me.” That was the most informative portion of his meeting with reporters, but the most entertaining interaction was between Monk and Bradley McKee.  B-Roll asked Monk what he thought about being named the most hated athlete in Arkansas.  The result:

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