Man snuck into LSU football stadium with a prostitute

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


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We have an interesting story from down in Baton Rouge, where a man was arrested for sneaking into LSU's Tiger Stadium. Lucien Hamilton from nearby Brusly, La. climbed a mechanical ladder to make his way into the stadium. The kicker? He brought a prostitute with him. From
Lucien Hamilton, 36, of Brusly, La., was charged with unauthorized entry into a place of business and solicitation of prostitution, according to an Affadavit of Probable cause. Private security guards at the stadium on Monday reported the pair exiting a vehicle and walking toward the stadium. Hamilton admitted to police he entered the stadium by climbing around a locker hatch on a mechanical ladder leading to a restricted area, and also to soliciting prostitution. He was arrested near the ladder, according to the report.
This is crazy. Who in their right mind would sneak a prostitute into a university athletics facility? That's absurd! I can't imagine anyone sneaking a prostitute onto a college campus and into a building used by an athletics program. Prostitutes and college sports? Those don't mix! Lucien Hamilton has to be the only person who would bring a prostitute around an area built for student-athletes. This wouldn't happen anywhere else, and if it did, it would only happen in football. Nobody would ever sneak prostitutes into a basketball facility. Impossible. But if they somehow could, I would hope they'd be severely punished if they didn't accept responsibility or used a tragedy to deflect the whole situation in their public statements. What am I talking about? This is all hypothetical, fantasy talk stuff. It would never happen.

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