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marchmadness That's right, folks.  It's March 1 and that means the Greatest Month in Sports is upon us.  Today, the talk is about UK's almost assured #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, how many of our players will be taken in the NBA Draft lottery and nit-picking one of the great teams in UK history.  For kicks and giggles, I went back in the archives of this site to see what was the hot topic of conversation one year ago today.  Allow me to share: --Kentucky fans being encouraged to pull for NC State to beat a bubblicious Maryland team to boost UK's chances of making the tournament --AJ Stewart's quitting of the team, then return --UK's loss at home to LSU --Kevin Galloway's emergence as an option at point guard --BCG's throwing Perry Stevenson under the bus after the loss, saying "I played the wrong person and that's why we lost" Reading that stuff is very bittersweet. It sucks we were even in that situation in the first place, but it feels good to know we're so very far away from that now.  On to the news from a verrrry slow day. -The post-mortem on the UT game continued a bit.  Like the USC game, most believe the game will, in the long run, be beneficial to UK.  John Wall said it best when he said, "It's a lesson.  Because if this was the tournament, we'd be sitting at home right now."  Best to learn these lessons when the stakes aren't as high. -With Purdue's loss to Michigan State, the top 3 teams in the land lost over the weekend.  This will definitely shake up the polls when they come out later this afternoon.  AP voters and Friends of the Blog Seth Davis and Jeff Goodman released their polls via Twitter and both had UK checking in at #3.  Davis also had Vandy at #8 and Tennessee at #11.  Goodman kept Kansas at #1. -UK Hoops dropped their final game of the regular season today, losing at Auburn.  The Cats still locked up the #2 seed in the East and a first-round bye in the SEC Tournament.  They will now play the winner of Florida/Auburn on Friday at 2:30 in Duluth, Georgia. -The Calipari Foundation for Children will be making a special announcement today.  I don't know what it is or when it is coming, but you should be looking for it.  Hopefully it has something to do with pizza. -Louisville won at UConn today in what could be called the Battle of the Bubble.  J Edgar Sosa played the hero once again with a late layup to seal it.  He's definitely on my Top 5 least favorite players in college basketball.  Steven Pearl also appears on my list. -Can we get three cheers for the Virginia Tech girl below? -I hear the US narrowly lost to Canada in overtime in Olympic hockey.  I say I heard because I didn't watch the game because I just got Netflix streaming to my TV and spent the day watching The Office.  Sounds like I should have been watching Canadian Bacon instead. -Tune in tonight to see Vienna Padgett walk away with Pilot Jake's heart on The Bachelor.  Spoilers also are saying that he will propose and she will accept.  You can then join the rest of America in the countdown until we hear that the relationship has ended.  KSR will be getting back to normal starting tomorrow.  I know you've missed Drew and I'm sure he's missed you, too.  More to come all day, so stay tuned!

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