Marcus Lee hasn't left the practice gym since the team got back from Indy

Marcus Lee hasn't left the practice gym since the team got back from Indy

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After seven players declared for the draft, John Calipari told reporters that it was time for Marcus Lee and Alex Poythress to move into the spotlight. "It's their time," Cal said.

What did Lee think when he heard Cal's remarks? “To me and Alex it just means we have to get ourselves right. We have to get our bodies right for each game and each practice. We know we have to push each other. We have to push our team to where we need to be.

Lee is ready for that challenge, telling reporters this afternoon that he hasn't left the gym since the team returned from Indianapolis.

I haven’t left this place (the practice gym) since we got back. That’s the only thing I’ve been trying to prove," Lee said. He's not alone. “I walk in the gym and I’ll see Tyler in here. I’ll see Alex doing form shooting. Even though Alex can’t really run, he’s still working hard. That’s what’s going to make us really good this year.”

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