Mark Coury's Thursday News and Views

Mark Coury's Thursday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 13 years


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couryflurry.bmp I was browsing around the CNNSI website, looking at some old Sports Illustrated articles today, when I found this great picture of our man Mark Coury. Say whatever you want about Coury, but there is something about him (going back to the Napoleon Dynamite original photo) that I just find interesting/hilarious....and this photo just encapsulates it. The look on his face is so ultra-serious and he looks to be taking the ball to the basket for one of his "first two minutes of the game are Coury-time" type drives. The background of the picture is also great, with a kid text messaging, one kid who looks like he should be at a science fair and an older lady sitting with the cheerleaders. In short, it is a great snapshot of a Mark Coury world. We still dont know the actual fate of Mark, and he still hasnt figured out where his final destination might be. It is still conceivably possible he could end up back in Lexington, as a walk-on yet again. But no matter what happens, I will have fond memories of the young man who started the second most games of any UK player last season, was part of the famous Carter-Coury-Krebs mafia terrorizing gang and has been known to make women weep with glee. Mark Coury, a renaissance man for the ages.... To the news..... (1): In the "havent we heard this like 500 times" category, there is some chatter that DeAndre Liggins news may come by August 1st....aka tomorrow. According to a couple of different sources, the NCAA has tentatively targeted August 1st as the date that some of the last batch of qualification decisions (of which Liggins is one) will be finally released. Most people around the UK program are confident at this time, although contrary to what has often been reported, it is NOT decided. What you often read about it being a "done deal" is the news that he has met the standards set by UK, but final authorization from the NCAA has yet to come....but it could come soon. Either way, I spoke with someone today who said they finally saw Liggins on the court and he looks good....and would be the best PG option for next season. Cross your fingers and hope the NCAA is a benevolent being. (2): Recruiting has hit a bit of a lull as folks try to sort out the 4,000 offers given by UK at this point and see what targets are getting the most attention. At this time, some focus has moved to Chris Colvin, a guard from Chicago who is 6'2" and able to play both guard positions, but likely is targeted as a PG on the next level. He is a 2009 prospect with close ties to assistant coach Tracy Webster and the attention given to him by UK has increased in recent weeks (likely with the assumption that John Wall will be headed to Oklahoma State). Colvin is looking at a number of schools, including USC, Memphis and Gonzaga and Kentucky is in the top few on his list. His recruitment shows that UK's desire to get a second point guard for the 2009 class extends beyond just John Wall and that the Cats dont feel set at the position just yet. Expect to hear more from Colvin soon and we hope to have him on the new Sportsnight next week on 93.9 FM. (3): Speaking of Sports Night, my new co-host Jody Demling is also reporting that Adrien Payne, one of the top players in the Class of 2010, has become a major target for UK recently. Payne is a versatile 6'9" player who can do a lot, and is according to Demling a "beast" on both ends of the floor. Payne is a guy I have heard a lot about in the past year as a huge talent in Ohio and his list of schools is all around the region, including Ohio State, Louisville and the Cats. Payne will likely visit UK at some point and is part of an attempt by Gillispie to create a monster 2010 class with Dominique Ferguson and potentially Harrison Barnes. Keep Payne's name in the back of your will hear it again. (4): Finally, everybody's favorite under-motivated center, Randolph Morris has signed a two-year deal with the hometown Atlanta Hawks. Morris gets himself out of the disaster in New York and gets a chance to get some actual minutes on a team that is somewhat depleted at his position. Plus he gets to recreate his rivalry with Al Horford on the practice floor, except this time without the seven straight losses. I hope the Hawks become a place where Randolph can flourish....they are an improving team and playing time is available....but as always with Randolph, it will just depend on how bad he wants it. More throughout the day, including a report on the opening of football practice next week and the best of Will Ferrell.....

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