Marquis Teague Rumblings

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teague This afternoon has been full of Marquis Teague rumors from all sides. To summarize, Mike Hughes of posted a post that stated the UC staff was told that Teague would be going to Louisville. That led to internet fury everywhere and a couple of posters on TCP who are usually reliable, then took that information (or possibly got it on their own accord) and had UK fans believing the deal was done. I talked to a couple of people this afternoon who are as good a sources as can be had on Teague and they told me two points: 1. Marquis Teague has told no one, including coaching staffs where he is going. This has been intentional and is why both Louisville and Kentucky's staffs arent sure what his decision will be. If they arent, Cincinnati is not. The UC staff believes he will go to Louisville but have not been TOLD that by Teague. 2. No matter who leads, both schools are still in it.: Pitino was scheduled to see Teague today and Calipari is likely to see him tomorrow. As one source told me today, "Marquis has chosen both schools three or four times. It wont be over till its over." Evan Daniels of says it is still too close to call. My belief is that is correct. When the news breaks, it wont be from the UC staff. Carry on...

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