Matt Elam poses with the UK staff after his in-home visit

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[caption id="attachment_146564" align="alignnone" width="500"]Image via @FballIsLife69 Image via @FballIsLife69[/caption] The Kentucky football staff had an in-home visit with five-star defensive tackle Matt Elam today, and the John Hardin giant just posted this picture of the occasion on Twitter. Check out just how big he is compared to Vince Marrow, Neal Brown, DJ Eliot, Jimmy Brumbaugh, and the other UK coaches. Interestingly, Stoops isn't in the shot. Maybe he's taking the picture, or eating some deviled eggs in the kitchen like Matthew Mitchell? Elam takes his official visit to UK on December 13th-15th. You know this by now, but he's considering the Cats along with Alabama and Notre Dame. He'll announce his decision on January 4th. The UK shirt looks good on you, big guy.

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