Matt McCutchan Chokes on his still intact



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Well, it’s likely that most of this blog’s readers are already privy to the Matt mcCutchan saga, but for those who live away from the Bluegrass, this juicy story is, well, finger lickin’ good. The seemingly 12th year OL was held out of practice last Wednesday after getting a piece of chicken stuck in his throat. McCutchan spent hours in the ER where doctors were able to dislodge the offending chunk of poultry. I really just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, but in the meantime, I’m always grateful for the opportunity to incorporate adolescent sexual connotation into a headline (huhhuhuhh, head). McCutchan himself had some extremely funny responses to his episode, so without further ado…
“I wasn’t too scared; I could breathe fine. But I couldn’t swallow, and I couldn’t puke it out. Nothing would go down. No spit would go down, and there was secretion coming out…I was hungry as hell, too. I was just coming out of practice and hadn’t eaten in seven hours. Plus, I’m on somewhat of a diet. I was starving…Stuff like this usually only happens to 80-year-old men.”
Or to the Kentucky Football program…
Mama Cass was unavailible for comment.

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